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A Mega-Dungeon Experience for Old-School gaming


Do you dare to plumb the depths of the ancient halls of Arden Vul? Treasure, Monsters, Traps, and Epic Adventure await ...

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Arden Vul Maps


Click here to view a gallery of some of the amazing Arden Vul maps. In total we have 10 main levels, 15 sub-levels, and a number of exterior maps.

Stories from Arden Vul


Click here for some stories of exploration in and around Arden Vul.

Additional Materials


Click here for additional pdfs that won't appear in the published version of the dungeon.

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Design Notes


Writing a 1000 page megadungeon took me a long time. Here are some notes about the process.



What is Arden Vul? What is AD&D? These and other FAQs are addressed here.

The Arden Vul Team



Rick Barton began playing 1st edition AD&D in 1978. Arden Vul was conceived as a tentpole dungeon for the campaign that he began when he returned to gaming in 2009. 



The maps have been rendered from the author's pencil sketches by the inimitable Andreas Claren, who has been producing maps for old school games for more than 15 years.



The Halls are due to be published by Expeditious Retreat Games in 2020. For more information, see X and Y.

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The Halls of Arden Vul